[Samba] Windows lost Samba server

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Fri Oct 28 15:04:05 GMT 2005

The system logs really don't say much that I can decipher about this 
problem.  I can get to it with the IP address from Windows or another 
Linux box, but I can't access the shares from Windows via the IP address.

UPDATE:  I have one lab machine on the same workgroup as the problem 
Samba box.  When I shut it down, suddenly everyone can see and connect 
properly to the Samba server.  I guess I have some type of browser conflict.


julius Junghans told me on 10/27/2005 12:22:
> Michael Barnes wrote:
>>I have two Samba servers on a local network.  One is to eventually
>>become the new system file server.  The original server is on the
>>domain/workgroup MCALLEN, the new server is on the domain/workgroup
>>Everything was moving along smoothly.  I could see both workgroups on
>>various Windows machines (both 98 and 2K), I could see the shares,
>>permissions seemed good, etc.  I was working on fine tuning the logon
>>scripts for WRNHQ.
>>An unexpected power failure rebooted WRNHQ.  (Machines on the bench
>>are not on UPS)  Since the reboot, the Windows machines cannot see
>>WRNHQ. They can still see MCALLEN with no problem.  Searching for
>>computers in Network Places/Neighborhood finds everything but WRNHQ.
>>Samba is running fine, no errors found.  Nothing was being edited, nor
>>were any files open when the reboot occurred.
>>I'm totally lost on what to check.  Ideas appreciated.
>>BTW, WRNHQ is CentOS4 running Samba 3.
> Hi,
> im a samba/networking newbie, but i would first take a look at the
> system logs.
> Is the machine reachable with ping (interface up)?
> is samba listening on the lan interface?
> greets
> Julius

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