[Samba] Samba problem

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Fri Oct 28 03:26:52 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 15:44 -0400, diamondz at adelphia.net wrote:
> I have several Sun Solaris 8 servers running samba 2.2.7a.  I have Windows 2000 and Windows NT workstations mapping to the servers.  The problem we are experiencing is drag and drop does not work.  I've tried several options in the smb.conf file and none work.  
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Cathy
lest you think that no one is paying attention, consider...

- samba 2.2.x is ancient history and no longer in development.

- logs ? no indication that you checked them for clues

- 'drag and drop doesn't work' doesn't actually offer much clarity to
the issue. A better explanation includes what you are doing, what
happens and what you expect to happen. Are you saying that if \\Solaris1
\file_share is mapped to J:\ on Windows 2000 professional system and
from DOS Prompt 'copy My_file.doc j:\' works but doing the same thing
with Windows Explorer doesn't work, that would seem unlikely.


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