[Samba] Domain groups with spaces in their names

yaya MaceWinX at HotPOP.com
Fri Oct 28 03:15:37 GMT 2005

I believe it should be @"spaced groups" how we type it, not "@spaced 
eg: valid users = @"spaced groups"
But I don't know if @spaced\ groups will work.


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> John Ennew wrote:
>>Hello Samba,
>>I have a Samba file server which I have successfully joined to a domian 
>>controlled by a Windows 2003 domian controller. I cannot get the server to 
>>allow access to users who are members of a group with spaces in its name.
> >
> I have the same problem with Samba version 3.20b. What is interesting is
> that groups with spaces in the name work through Winbind (ie. apache
> with mod_auth_pam), but don't work from within Samba (ie. the smb.conf
> file).  Is this currently being resolved, and/or is there a work around?
> Cheers,
> Jeremy
>>The domain has three (main) groups:
>>- students
>>- teachers
>>- spaced users
>>My Samba.conf has the following shared directories defined:
>>comment = teacher's shares
>>writable = yes
>>valid users = @teachers
>>path = /home/groups/teachers
>>writable = yes
>>browsable = no
>>create mode = 0660
>>directory mode = 0770
>>comment = student's shares
>>writable = no
>>valid users = @teachers @students
>>path = /home/groups/students
>>create mode = 0660
>>directory mode = 0770
>>write list = @teachers
>>comment = test with spaces
>>writable = yes
>>valid users = "@spaced users"
>>path = /home/spaced users
>>create mode = 0660
>>directory mode = 0770
>>browsable = yes
>>The following works fine:
>>members of @teachers have access to both teachers and students shares
>>members of @teachers can write to both teachers and students shares
>>members of @students can only see the students shares
>>But this does not work:
>>"@spaced users" should be able to access the spaced share but cannot. On a 
>>Windows XP terminal on the network, any attempt to view the spaced shared 
>>by anyone (including members of the "spaced users" group) results in a 
>>login box popping up and no combination of user name or password will let 
>>you see the share.
>>I am using Samba version 3.14 running on Fedora Core 4.
>>I have included my full smb.conf
>>Many thanks in advance,
> >
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