[Samba] A hierarchy of DFS trees...

William Burns bburns at aeroflex.com
Thu Oct 27 22:42:57 GMT 2005

I just made a DFS link that pointed to another DFS share on a different 
It seems to confuse the Win'XP client a bit, but it can be made to work.

That means....
I can build a tree structure w/ DFS.
I can arrange all my servers and shares into a hierarchy.
It may not be practical, but in theory, This could be used as a 
hierarchical substitute for the network neighborhood.

I could configure a server called browse, w/ a number of DFS shares.


browse # cd /dfsshares
browse # mkdir northeast
browse # ln -s msdfs:vermont.mycompany.com/servers northeast/vermont
browse # ln -s msdfs:jersey.mycompany.com/servers northeast/jersey
browse # ln -s msdfs:newyork.mycompany.com/servers northeast/newyork
browse # mkdir westcoast
browse # ln -s msdfs:irvine.mycompany.com/servers westcoast/irvine
browse # ln -s msdfs:hollywood.mycompany.com/servers westcoast/hollywood
browse # ln -s msdfs:pasadena.mycompany.com/servers westcoast/pasadena
browse # mkdir gulfcoast
browse # ln -s msdfs:louisiana.mycompany.com/servers gulfcoast/louisiana
browse # ln -s msdfs:missippi.mycompany.com/servers gulfcoast/missippi
browse # ln -s msdfs:texas.mycompany.com/servers gulfcoast/texas

Or.. I guess I could just have shares w/ shortcut icons in them.


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