[Samba] Netbios over more then one protocol

julius Junghans julius.junghans at gmx.de
Thu Oct 27 21:11:18 GMT 2005


i'm reading:

... The election process is /fought out, so to speak/ over every NetBIOS
network interface. In the case of a Windows 9x/Me machine that has both
TCP/IP and IPX installed and has NetBIOS enabled over both protocols,
the election will be decided over both protocols. As often happens, if
the Windows 9x/Me machine is the only one with both protocols, then the
LMB may be won on the NetBIOS interface over the IPX protocol. Samba
will then lose the LMB role because Windows 9x/Me will insist it knows
who the LMB is. Samba will then cease to function as an LMB, and browse
list operation on all TCP/IP-only machines will therefore fail...
what exactly happens if theres a netbios/ipx machine in one workgroup
(only windows machines) that wins the election for the local master
browser (theres one in every workgroup right?)

The network neighborhood wouldn't show anything right?
Would anything change if all machines install ipx?

Second scenario:

this workgroup is in a subnet with other workgroups (no ipx installed),
every workgroup has its lmb.
The "other" workgroups should show up in the network neighborhood except
for the machines from the "ipx" workgroup?


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