[Samba] Windows lost Samba server

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Thu Oct 27 16:49:12 GMT 2005

I have two Samba servers on a local network.  One is to eventually 
become the new system file server.  The original server is on the 
domain/workgroup MCALLEN, the new server is on the domain/workgroup WRNHQ.

Everything was moving along smoothly.  I could see both workgroups on 
various Windows machines (both 98 and 2K), I could see the shares, 
permissions seemed good, etc.  I was working on fine tuning the logon 
scripts for WRNHQ.

An unexpected power failure rebooted WRNHQ.  (Machines on the bench are 
not on UPS)  Since the reboot, the Windows machines cannot see WRNHQ. 
They can still see MCALLEN with no problem.  Searching for computers in 
Network Places/Neighborhood finds everything but WRNHQ.

Samba is running fine, no errors found.  Nothing was being edited, nor 
were any files open when the reboot occurred.

I'm totally lost on what to check.  Ideas appreciated.

BTW, WRNHQ is CentOS4 running Samba 3.


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