[Samba] Giving my users the right to manage their print jobs (cf. CreatorOwner msg)

Joris De Pooter joris.de.pooter at atempo.com
Thu Oct 27 10:42:54 GMT 2005


I already send the list an email about users not able to manage 
their print job (pausing, resuming and cancelling).

Below is typical error I get in my logs :

[2005/10/27 12:24:31, 0] printing/print_cups.c:cups_job_delete(339)
   Unable to cancel job 27827 - client-error-not-authorized

I quote Jerry from a previous mail exchange :
"The current print security checks for removing jobs is based
on matching the requesting client's user name against the
owner of the job (sort of a built in creator owner) and
then falling back to the manage documents permission in
the security descriptor."

OK, now why am I seeing this since I didn't send this job as root :
#ls -l /var/spool/cups
-rw-r-----  1 root lp 48564 Oct 27 11:27 d27827-001

Changing permission with "chown" to force the job to match the 
creator owner doesn't work.

Can anyone explain what steps should I verify to debug this 
annoying issue ?

Cheers, joris !

PS: I'm using winbind.
I have maybe a start of an answer : let's say domain user JOHN 
connects to my samba, a child process of smbd is created and 
started as JOHN. am I correct ?

Joris De Pooter
Tél.: +33(0)164868319

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