[Samba] Re: Question about pam_winbind

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Wed Oct 26 19:18:11 GMT 2005

Fawzib Rojas wrote:

> I want to only allow access to a certain group 'Domain Power Users', so 
> it seems I have to do the following:
>    a) wbinfo -name-to-sid="domain power users", which gives me the 
> group's SID
>    b) add the parameter 'require_membership_of=<SID>'
>    c) restart samba

pam_winbind != samba.  Did you restart winbind?  Check also that you've 
got winbind functioning with pam for account information (ie, UID 
lookup, etc..) and not just for authentication.

-- Rex

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