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Alan Glait aglait at
Wed Oct 26 14:55:48 GMT 2005

strange but ... with man smb.conf nothing about syslog ... 
and in my smb.conf ... now ... nothing too ... 

stephane.purnelle at wrote:

>man smb.conf
> syslog (G)
>              This  parameter  maps  how  Samba  debug  messages  are 
>logged onto the system syslog logging levels. Samba debug level zero maps 
>onto syslog
>              LOG_ERR, debug level one maps onto LOG_WARNING, debug level 
>two maps onto LOG_NOTICE, debug level three maps onto LOG_INFO. All higher 
>              are mapped to  LOG_DEBUG.
>              This parameter sets the threshold for sending messages to 
>syslog. Only messages with debug level less than this value will be sent 
>to syslog.
>              Default: syslog = 1
>       syslog only (G)
>              If this parameter is set then Samba debug messages are 
>logged into the system syslog only, and not to the debug log files.
>              Default: syslog only = no
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> at a écrit sur 
>26/10/2005 15:58:45 :
>>How to stop loging with syslog ??
>>now, samba log to /var/log/samba/* and to log file defined in 
>>syslogd.conf in *.info entry ...
>>I only want /var/log/samba/* ...
>>thanx for any help
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