RE [Samba] SambaPasswdMustChange problem

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Wed Oct 26 13:57:10 GMT 2005


Have you specified the maximum password age with pdbedit 

pdbedit -P "maximum password age" -C 7776000
Samba takes age in seconds, so 60*60*24*90, is what you need.

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26/10/2005 15:36:41 :

> I set my users up with smbldap-tools.  SambaPasswdMustChange is 
> appropriately.  The first time the user is prompted to change their
> password, and does so, the value in SambaPasswdMustChange goes to
> 2147483647 which is basically never.  Can anybody tell me why this might
> be happening?  Do I have to set this somewhere in smb.conf?
> Thanks,
> Misty
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