[Samba] Missing files from share with cifs

Anna Foeglein anna at foeglein.de
Wed Oct 26 10:32:57 GMT 2005

Hi everyone,

since its upgrade yesterday, my laptop and desktop computers only see a small
portion of the files (about 500 of 2000) in one of the samba shares on my 
samba server.  They both miss the same files. There's no apparent system in 
what's missing, not date or alphabetic order or size anyway.

The technical details: 
Laptop runs Ubuntu Breezy, smbclient 3.0.14a-ubuntu, mount.cifs 1.6.,
Desktop the same.
Server (named blacky) runs Debian Sarge, smbd 3.0.14a-Debian.
The share is mounted in fstab with:
//    /media/blacky/music     cifs     
(in one line, of course.)

I couldn't find relevant information in any of the logs on server or clients
(syslog, messages, samba/log.).

Today I tried the solution to the timeout problem with smbfs (I used to have 
similar problems with smbfs between Linux  boxes which is why I use cifs) and 
with smbfs everything's ok. I guess mount.cifs has some problem?

Seen from Windows XP Prof, everything is working ok. 
Any ideas what's going on here? This happened to my Windows box once, it was
cacheing something, and a reboot sorted it out. This time rebooting didn't 

Thanks for the attention,

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