[Samba] Samba Share of NFS filesystem

Ulrich Bernhard ulrich.bernhard at id.unizh.ch
Wed Oct 26 07:41:03 GMT 2005

We have a samba share which is a NFS mounted filesystem with user quota. 
The samba server runs SuSE 9.2, the samba version is 3.0.20b. The 
filesystem is nfs mounted from a NetApp fileserver.

If a user on a windows (xp or 2k) client copies some files onto his 
samba share and needs more space than the quota allows, the copy 
operation ends without any error message! As I have seen in the samba 
server log, the server sends the error code 'NT_STATUS_DISK_FULL' during 
the close operation but it seems that windows is ignoring this error.

Is that a bug in our samba configuration or in the windows?

Thanks for any help or hint

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