[Samba] FileSystemWatcher

Thor812 thor812 at ameritech.net
Tue Oct 25 13:43:35 GMT 2005

I tried to use the FileSystemWatcher class on a Samba share.
It does not work. Using API's is not that easy and I don't want to have
it run on a timer.
I would rather have it event driven..

I am using VB.NET and Samba 3.0.20b on SuSE 9.2 with RiserFS

Will this class ever be implemented with Samba? I thought that Samba
emulates NTFS to the outside world and it would not make a difference.
Would the Linux filesystem make a difference? 

I tried Mono, but it is a big learning curve and I need it done quickly.

Does anyone know of a simple solution to monitor and report file changes
on a Samba network share?


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