[Samba] sambaLogonHours and timezones

David Wilson dave at dcdata.co.za
Tue Oct 25 05:53:37 GMT 2005

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your reply.

Sound like what you've said is correct.

Could it not be that the values being stored are in GMT and that's why my 
clients (Windows XP) who are in the SAST timezone (GMT+2) cannot log on two 
hours before they would normally not be able to ?

My Samba server and all clients are all set in the same timezone. (SAST).

Perhaps it's the NT User Manager running on XP that is perhaps not picking 
up the correct timezone of the XP desktop when we set the logon hours ? 
Perhaps the NT User Manager believes it's in GMT ?

A shot in the dark ? :)

Kind regards

David Wilson
CNS, CLS, Linux+
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082 4147413
support at dcdata.co.za

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> David Wilson wrote:
> | Hi guys,
> |
> | Any ideas on this one ? I've really tried everything
> | now from what I can see.
> Sorry.  Thought I had replied already but apparently not.
> |> The time on the server is set to localtime, the timezone
> |> set to SAST (GMT+2) as are all the XP workstations.
> |> The time on the server and workstations is correct.
> |>
> |> Any ideas why my values are out by 2 hours each time ?
> Samba does not manipulate the time value at all.  It just
> returns the value to the client at logon time.  So unless
> I'm missing something here in the code, the value must be
> stored in the client's timezone.  So your comment about
> users not being able to logon 2 hours before the logon
> end time makes sense.
> Granted this is a bad design if you have clients set
> in different timezones.
> cheers, jerry
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