[Samba] See inherit user, need inherit group

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Oct 24 15:35:56 GMT 2005

On Mon, Oct 24, 2005 at 09:34:14AM -0500, Paul Gienger wrote:
> Here is my scenario:
> I have two directories that have their access controlled by secondary groups
> of the users.  \\server\coolguys is available to the group 'admins' while
> the directory \\server\averagejoes is accessible to the group 'lusers'.  I
> have a user, we'll call him joe, that is primarily in the admins group, but
> is also in lusers.  If joe is to copy a directory or a set of files from
> coolguys and place it into averagejoes, the directory still has the gid info
> from admins.  This causes a problem for 95% of the people in lusers as they
> can't touch the directory.
> The three inherit flags that are listed seem to work on everything else but
> group membership.  Is there a way that I can get an inherit group-style
> option to work?

I didn't add an inherit group option because the UNIX filesystem
can already do this without Samba. Read up on setting the SGID bit on a directory
(BSD semantics requested) which causes new files to inherit the group
from the directory not the file.


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