[Samba] Charset issue with Samba 3.0.* and AIX5.2 ML5

Julien Ailhaud ailhaud.julien at agora.msa.fr
Mon Oct 24 15:24:01 GMT 2005


I have AIX5.2 running with en_US ( ISO8859-1) as charset (see smitty
shot bellow).

                                   Change/Show Cultural Convention,
Language, or Keyboard
  Primary CULTURAL convention                         ISO8859-1  English
(United States) [en_US]                          +
  Primary LANGUAGE translation                        ISO8859-1  English
(United States) [en_US]                          +

I installed samba from Bullfreeware. It works, but I have a big
charset issue :

Files created with the old Samba2, and which have special char in their
filename (eg : é , ç , ... ) are now unreadable.
Special char are replaced by an unknow char (displayed like a pipe), and
are not accessible from, clients.

Here is the  [global] section of smb.conf where charset params are :

  display charset = UTF8
  unix charset = LOCALE

#unix charset = ASCII
#unix charset = UTF8
  dos charset = ASCII

I tested this,  useless :
- Without the dos charset  parameter, filenames are truncated on the
first special char.
- With dos charset = ISO8859-1 , same result that with ascii
- Compiled Samba 3.0.20b : special chars are replaced by underscores,
but ... files are readable ! :) .

Do someone have an idea ? How can I know exactly how my Samba 2  works
with charset on my machine ? The testparm doesn't give a lot of info
about charsets...


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