[Samba] test platform - samba + ldap issue smbldap-useradd hangs

adrian sender adrian_au1 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 23 12:50:46 GMT 2005

Hello Guys,

About a week ago I wrote in with a issue with smbldap-populate; it wouldn't 
populate because it was missing some packages. This has since been resolved.

I am running redhat 9 on a test server, just for more experience really; I 
am using redhat 9 because of a scsi raid driver needed, please do not ask 
about this.

Ok so here is where I am at> I have been using Samba 3 by example as it is a 
fantastic reference; ./smbldap-populate has populated the database 

When i try to add a user smbldap-useradd -m -a username it just sits there; 
hanging. I press cntrl + c and repeat the process - it says username exists. 
I can id username and it shows the user in the correct groups; however 
pdbedit -Lv username reports username cannot be found.

smbldap-userdel username also hangs.

smbpasswd username also reports username not to be found. getent passwd & 
getent group shows that ldap is working.

ldapsearch -x -h -b "dc=tinistuff,dc=com" -D 
"cn=Manager,dc=tinistuff,dc=com" -W - this returns the ldap database as 

I am having a few issues with debugging so at this stage I cannot provide a 
log file for ldap. Any ideas or suggestions is more then welcome and very 
much appreciated.

I really appologise in advanced for the lack of the log file; I will try and 
get this sorted out.

Could you also CC your reply to adrian_au1 at hotmail.com

Adrian Sender.

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