[Samba] Windows interacting with SAMBA share

Kevin Bailey kbailey at freewayprojects.com
Sat Oct 22 16:32:05 GMT 2005

not sure if this is help or not but you may find this is a limitation of 

when i came across this issue i solved it by breaking down the >2GB file.

it was a tarred/gzipped backup of the /home directory - i wrote a script 
which looped through the directories inside the home directory and 
zipped up the individual directories.

the nice extra on this is that the user can more easily retreive an 
archive version of a file.



Jeremy Hatter - BIA wrote:

>My company has a Samba [3.0] share on a Debian Linux 3.0 [Kernel 2.6]
>machine and we are trying to copy a large file [>2GB] from a Windows
>machine to the Samba share.  When we try to do this, it only copies 2GB
>of the information.  We were previously having a similar issue when
>transfering a large file [>2GB] from Linux to a Windows share [mounted
>as smbfs], but fixed that with the 'lfs' option in the mount command.
>Does anyone know what settings need changed to allow the Samba share to
>accept large files from Windows?  I've searched the internet for a
>couple days now and haven't found a solution.  Thanks for your help.
>Jeremy Hatter
>Business Intelligence Associates, Inc.
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>jhatter at biaprotect.com
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