[Samba] Openldap for PDC

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Fri Oct 21 08:29:07 GMT 2005


we had the same issues with openldap backend and bdb as backend. 
sometimes the backend broke and we had to recover the bdb db.

it seems to be an issue between openldap v2 + bdb 4.2 + DB_CONFIG + 
filesystem (now /var/lib/ldap is on a seperate partition and ext3) - 
currently this works for us


Philip Washington wrote:
> I have been testing with openldap_2.2.13-2  and have experience on 2 
> occasions lockups where the ldap server does not respond (slapcat will 
> just hang).  I have upgraded to openldap_2.2.13-4.
> Is there a recommended version of openldap for SambaPDC?
> Does anyone have a system in production using openldap_2.2.13-2 or 
> openldap_2.2.13-4?
> I'm currently using samba3-20b  any recommendations for a production 
> system would be welcome.

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