[Samba] Strange server string behavior

Paul Harlow pharlow at skld.com
Thu Oct 20 21:35:01 GMT 2005

I am in the process of building a server to replace a very old one and
have copied the smb.conf file over the the new machine. It's a
relatively small config with all the stuff removed that we don't need.
It's also the only file that I've copied from the old machine.
Before the SMB service was ever started I copied the contents of the
file, changed the server string from "Old-Server's Samba Server" to
"New-Server's Samba Server", then started the associated services.
On two Windows XP Pro machines when the IP address is typed in and the
machine shares are displayed the title at the top is "New-Server's Samba
Server" however, as soon as you drill down into one of the shares it
immediately changes to "Old-Server's Samba Server". One more 'however'
is that if you use the machine name "New-Server" and force DNS/WINS
lookups while drilling down through the shares the title comes up fine.
The IP address that this machine is using is the old server's former IP
address before it got moved to a new data center and has a completely
different IP address. I've checked all references to the old server in
DNS/WINS and not only do they all point to the current production
address but there aren't any references to the temporary IP address that
the new server is using.
Obviously this is not a show stopper, it's more annoying than anything
however our users tend to confuse fairly easily and I wouldn't want to
create any more of a problem than they already manage.
Paul Harlow
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