[Samba] Re: Please help me with migration to MS Windows 2003

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Thu Oct 20 15:26:46 GMT 2005

Replying on list so others may help or benefit...


It's been a while since I've done one of these migrations, but here's a 
couple of things to try:

- Make sure the clients' primary DNS server is an Active Directory 
Integrated DNS (in a single-DC environment, the DNS is usually the same 
machine as the W2K3 domain controller)

- In the clients' Advanced TCP/IP parameters, make sure that the "DNS 
Suffix for this connection" is BLANK

- From a workstation, make sure you can log into the SAMBA domain with 
the username "Administrator", AND THAT you have administrative rights to 
all domain and local resources with that login.

- Turn on auditing in the destination domain. This can be done with the 
domain group policy editor.

- Read the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 322970 -- 
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322970 -- "How to Troubleshoot 
Inter-Forest sIDHistory Migration with ADMTv2"

Hope this helps.

--Jon Johnson
jon at sutinen.com

Arne Roolfs wrote:

> Hello Jon,
> you posted a description how to migrate from a Samba 3 domain to a MS 
> Windows 2003 Server domain at the samba mailing list.
> I try to do, but when enabling SID migration I get an error: "Could 
> not verify auditing and TcpipClientSupport on domains. Will not be 
> able to migrate Sid's. Ein angebenes Recht ist nicht vorhanden". The 
> last sentence says something like "Access is Denied.".
> I use the account "administrator" which is mapped to the 
> "root"-account at the Samba 3 domain.
> I also tried to use "sidhist.vbs" from the ClonePrincipal package and 
> it also explains about the missing TcpipClientSupport.
> How can I solve this problem, what might be wrong?
> Please help, thanks
> Arne

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