[Samba] PDC and BDC: how to sync profiles

Andreas ahasenack at terra.com.br
Thu Oct 20 15:23:40 GMT 2005

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 03:41:44PM +0200, Robert Schetterer wrote:
> Having a bdc in another net i.e over vpn to another office
> so you give the profile and home path to that bdc in the ldap entries of 
> the users of this "remote" office.

Ok, that scenario is clear.

> The other part ist to have the bdc as a fallback to the pdc, there for 
> you have to make sure that

That is my scenario: BDCs around as a fallback and to alleviate the load
on the PDC for auth purposes.

> files , homes , profiles got in sync with the pdc ones.
> There are so many ways to  do this that i can describe...this is related 

The problem is that these methods are ony way: rsync from PDC to BDC or
vice-versa. Which means that, when using %L in the profile
specification, the user would either be using the PDC one or the BDC
one. rsync doesn't really work well here, since it's one-way. And NFS
gives me nightmares :) That's why I asked the list about what most
people would do in this scenario.

> how you wanna do this
> i.e rsync nfs copy  etc. and which fits best to your needs.
> It is a good idea speacialy in bigger networks hosting profiles and 
> homes not on the pdc/bdc
> and let them do only auth jobs. for hosting profiles and homes you might 
> use a nas server
> which has raid etc

I'm inclined to do that, not only to make sure xDCs only serve auth, but
because of the profile sync problem. If I place the profiles elsewhere
(in another server), the only problem I could have if that server went
down is the (temporary) loss of the profile. Users should be instructed
to not store important things there anyway (the profile has to be

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