[Samba] PDC and BDC: how to sync profiles

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Thu Oct 20 13:18:06 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 09:56 -0200, Andreas wrote:
> I was wondering how people sync the roaming profiles in an environment
> with a PDC and multiple BDCs. Are profiles better stored in another
> server (a member server) instead of the xDC?
> I could use rsync from the PDC to the BDC, but that doesn't work the
> other way around, i.e., when a user logs in via a BDC whatever changes
> they make won't go back to the PDC. Unless the profile is:
> - always stored in the PDC
> - stored elsewhere (i.e., not a xDC)
> Seems it's better to store the profiles in a single server and live with
> it when that server goes down for some reason or another. Or not? What
> do people usually do?
with passdb of tdb or ldap, you can specify a valid share on any member
server or DC for each specific user rather than just using one share on
one server for all users. Bear in mind that on Samba profile shares, it
is typical to use a few directives such as 'csc policy = disable' and
'profile acls = yes' 

I think it is much easier to control/script/maintain ldapsam than tdbsam
passdb's but that's my opinion.


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