[Samba] Re: Help with connection reset by peer

Steve news649 at powersystemsdirect.com
Wed Oct 19 20:32:58 GMT 2005

> This is not a Samba problem. The client is dropping the TCP
> connection - we don't know why. That's what the message "Connection reset by peer"
> means.
> Jeremy.

Yes, I suppose it could be, except it runs internet applications 24 
hours a day and they do not lose their connections (some are background 
jobs). So, perhaps you are saying for some nanosecond it has done 
something different that only affects Samba and not other connections. 
And that could well be true. Which is why I am hoping someone somewhere 
can help determine a tuning that is specific to Samba as there is no 
trouble running the other 10 or so apps that are run on that machine. 
So, one could say it is not a Samba question, but, it only occurs with 
Samba, it may not be the fault of Samba, still, it is a Samba related 
question. If one asked in a wireless group, they say it's not a wireless 
problem (and they don't know the first thing about Samba). So, there is 
a solution or reason somewhere, just have to find where or hope someone 
with this experience has a solution.

More info: 3 different access points from the 3 typical manufactuers, 3 
different client cards, same result.


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