[Samba] Permissions when MOVING files

Travis Knabe knabet at wou.edu
Wed Oct 19 17:41:42 GMT 2005

We've got a large user base.

They all have a home directory and within it a public_html directory.  Each of the directories have and need different permissions set on them.

I've tried using ACL's, setgid bits, all the  samba options, however when a file is _MOVED_ from their home directory to their  public_html directory the permissions don't change.  Even with the different options discussed above.  I imagine that if the file is moved on the same filesystem, the file attributes don't change at all, its only when the file has to be created, and that's why a "copy" works.  Anyone else have similar issues?  If so how did you  overcome?

Thanks in advance.

Travis Knabe 
Assistant Director
Computing Services
Western Oregon University
(503) 838-8507

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