[Samba] Samba creating multiple isntances of the deamon

Benoit Gauthier gauthier at circum.com
Wed Oct 19 17:16:57 GMT 2005

(2005.10.19, 13:10)

> The flock is called only if "HAVE_KERNEL_SHARE_MODES" is set to
> true. What kernel are you running on ?

Does 2.6.11 make sense?

> Do you know if any NFS client have files open on the Samba share
> also ?

The configuration is like this:

4 external computers run NFS servers.

One Linux box on my network connects to each of these via NFS (thus,
there is only one NFS client machine).

One Windows machine sees the NFS mounts on the local Linux Box via
Samba and a mapped drive L:; it performs the back-ups from the 4

A second Windows machine also has the Linux box mapped on its own
drive L:.

There are no mounts from the Linux box to the Windows machines (i.e.,
the Linux box cannot see the Windows hard drives).

Does that answer your question? Does it help?


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