[Samba] Samba net ads failure

Daniel Hindbo Jensen dhj at tarp.dk
Wed Oct 19 15:02:02 GMT 2005

Hello Everyone

Im having some serious issues with my samba server
It was working nicely and one day after a reboot it stopped working!!!!
(It was working but a bit slow)
I tried "net ads testjoin" and this is the error I got
	[2005/10/19 16:53:48, 0] utils/net_ads.c:ads_startup(191)
  ads_connect: No such file or directory

can this be due to corrupt file system or failing hardware? I get this during boot as well (Not really samba related)...

<4>hda: dma_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
<4>hda: dma_intr: error=0x84 { DriveStatusError BadCRC }
<4>ide: failed opcode was: unknown

Same goes for my other harddrive (hdb)

(I boot from /dev/hda)

Current versions are
install:/var/log # wbinfo -V
Version 3.0.20-4-SUSE

install:/var/log # uname -r

I will be happy to send more information :)

Kind Regards
Daniel H. Jensen

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