AW: [Samba] Samba creating multiple isntances of the deamon

Elmar Bihler elmar.bihler at
Wed Oct 19 06:48:51 GMT 2005

   Jerry, I'm sorry I still could not provide you with the traces you asked
for, but in the meantime we have not had any fatal crash.
   The one thing that changed on our network since the weekend is that we
shutdown an old DNS server on a different machine which held partially
incorrect data (but which was only our tertiary DNS server and so perhaps
was not used for lookups anyway). We still experience the unexplainable
hangs correlated with smbd processes not listed by smbstatus building up to
some point, but after a minute or so the processes vanish again and
everything seems fine).
   Bennoit, could you perhaps give Jerry the information he was asking for?
Also perhaps you would like to check your DNS servers for incorrect entries.


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