[Samba] Repost: ads_connect: No such file or directory

Sebald, Andreas Andreas.Sebald at lotto-bayern.de
Wed Oct 19 05:34:11 GMT 2005

Hi all,

this seem to bee a kerberos problem. Keep in mind, that the realm at ADS
isn't the server but the Domain. Use kapital letters for the name. Don't use
WebMin for configuration it's adding characters to the config file. Try this
example krb5.conf:
default_realm = MOUSE.LOCAL

default_domain = MOUSE.LOCAL
kdc =


then give the command:
~# kinit Administrator
You should get a correct ticket for 1 day
If not, then varey:
~# kinit Administrator@<realm of your site>

In smb.conf you've to set i.e:
workgroup = MOUSE

When you got the ticket you can try to join the ADS:
net ADS join -I <server ip> -U Administrator%<passwd>

This should do it so far.

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