[Samba] lots of temp files in /tmp directory

Software Groups sfgroups at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 03:18:43 GMT 2005

I am running samba 3.0.20a in my FC4 linux machine, its running for two days.
In /tmp direcotry I see lots of temporary files.

Is it safe to  remove these files? also I would like to why its
creating these many files?

SMBclose.8.req          SMBreadX.58.resp      SMBsesssetupX.61.req  
SMBtrans2.3.resp      SMBwriteX.60.req
SMBclose.8.resp         SMBreadX.59.req       SMBsesssetupX.61.resp 
SMBtrans.24.req       SMBwriteX.60.resp
SMBclose.9.req          SMBreadX.59.resp      SMBsesssetupX.62.req  
SMBtrans2.4.req       SMBwriteX.61.req
SMBclose.9.resp         SMBreadX.5.req        SMBsesssetupX.62.resp 
SMBtrans.24.resp      SMBwriteX.61.resp
SMBnegprot.10.req       SMBreadX.5.resp       SMBsesssetupX.63.req  
SMBtrans2.4.resp      SMBwriteX.62.req
SMBnegprot.10.resp      SMBreadX.60.req       SMBsesssetupX.63.resp 
SMBtrans2.5.req       SMBwriteX.62.resp
SMBnegprot.11.req       SMBreadX.60.resp      SMBsesssetupX.64.req  
SMBtrans2.5.resp      SMBwriteX.63.req
SMBnegprot.11.resp      SMBreadX.61.req       SMBsesssetupX.64.resp 
SMBtrans2.6.req       SMBwriteX.63.resp
SMBnegprot.1.req        SMBreadX.61.resp      SMBsesssetupX.65.req  
SMBtrans2.6.resp      SMBwriteX.64.req
SMBnegprot.1.resp       SMBreadX.62.req       SMBsesssetupX.65.resp 
SMBtrans2.7.req       SMBwriteX.64.resp

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