[Samba] I cannot making logon by the domain in windows xp professional

Elias Albuquerque de Oliveira elias_albuquerque at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 18 23:32:38 GMT 2005

Hi friends,
This is my first contact to you.
I have a problem because I can´t to make my users
windows xp professional to enter in my domain called

first I made:

# adduser joao
# smbpasswd -a joao 
# useradd -d /dev/null -s /bin/false joao$
# passwd -l joao$
# smbpasswd -a -m joao

I read that i needed to perform a part of key from de
regedit in the directory

after I ´ve needed to change in "My Computer" the
domain to "CCA-INTRANET" and the machine name to

I ´ve also needed  to change in control panel->
administrative tools  and to disable 3 options in
"security options"

But I cannot entering into domain yet.

somebody here can help-me?


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