[Samba] roll-yer-own ldapadd operations for scipt options?

Eric A. Hall ehall at ehsco.com
Tue Oct 18 23:05:03 GMT 2005

I'm currently using the suse ldapsmb utility for all the script
operations, but I want to do some custom script work for creating user and
machine accounts. For example, I want to manipulate the default object
classes and directory placement for new machines--putting them into
ou=Devices instead of ou=Users, and giving them the parent objectClasses
of account and ipHost [for NIS and DHCP work]. I want to do similar kinds
of stuff to new user accounts--giving them objectClass of person and
inetOrgPerson and posixAccount all at once.

So I need to have a script that will fill in some blanks in a template
file and then call ldapadd (or something) that will import the completed
template. Technically I could probably do all of that with the variables
available in the smb.conf, except that ldapdd needs multi-line input when
it is reading from stdin. Is that possible? If not, I'll have to create a
template file, store it in a temp file, and do it that way. Anybody got
anything done here that I can copy?


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