[Samba] idealx dual head patch?

Matt Pruett entelin at logicaldreams.net
Tue Oct 18 14:44:10 GMT 2005

i have two domain controllers, both have openldap, server1 can write to
the ldap database and pushes that to server2 which can only read. In the
smbldap.conf file it reads...

# Notes: to use to dual ldap servers backend for Samba, you must patch
# Samba with the dual-head patch from IDEALX. If not using this patch
# just use the same server for slaveLDAP and masterLDAP.
# Those two servers declarations can also be used when you have
# . one master LDAP server where all writing operations must be done
# . one slave LDAP server where all reading operations must be done
#   (typically a replication directory)

# Ex: slaveLDAP=

# Master LDAP : needed for write operations
# Ex: masterLDAP=

So my question is, in the newest versions of samba has this patch that
they talk about already been added? or not? I cant find this dual head
patch anywhere on idealx's site either.

Matt Pruett <entelin at logicaldreams.net>

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