[Samba] Finishing Touches

Frank L. Parks fparks at ezbizpartner.com
Tue Oct 18 16:46:33 GMT 2005

Good Morning,

Does anyone have a "simple" method to force a log off of a user after 
being idle for n minutes.  I am using the deadtime parameter, but from 
reading the description it just refreshs the connection which is OK, but 
I would rather that the user is logged off and not refreshed (security 
reasons).  I am not using LDAP.

Is there also possibly a method, without LDAP, that I can shut everyone 
off from say 22:00 to 23:59 so that backups can be done with no open 
files?  I am considering cron jobs to run at 22:00 to stop the servers 
(smb/nmb) and then another one to run at 23:59 to start the servers.

Thanks in advance,


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