[Samba] Domain cannot be contacted

Paul Griffith paulg at cs.yorku.ca
Tue Oct 18 16:33:06 GMT 2005

Did you ever resolved your problem?

On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 06:45:39PM +0000, Matt Pruett wrote:
> I have setup two samba domain controllers, both have basicly the same
> configs and use the same ldap database backend. Often however when
> logging in users will get a "domain cannot be contacted" error,
> attempting to login multiple times will eventually get them in and it
> will work fine from then on.
> The question is, is there anything else I really need to do to make this
> work correctly? Why would this error be occuring only some of the time?
> I can generally join the domain fine, and browse / access the shares on
> both servers. So I am wondering if I missed something, like something I
> need to add to the config so the two servers know they are both DC's?
> The goal is to be able to at least log in with only one of the two up.
> And suggested reading on this subject? any ideas?
> Thanks :)
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> Matt Pruett <entelin at logicaldreams.net>
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