[Samba] NTFS Filetimes - always using Modified Time?

René Snajder dermaniac at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 11:51:34 GMT 2005

Hello all..

Short description of my problem:
When I copy a file from Windows XP to a Samba share, always the Modified
Time of the original file will be the Creation, Modified and Accessed Time
on the server.

I don't care which time the Created and Modified time is, but what i want,
is to have the Accessed Time set to current time (doesn't matter if its the
current time of the client, or the server)!
Is there any setting for that? (already tried the dos filetime parameter)
If there is no setting for it, what would be a workaround? I don't want the
user always to "touch" all the files, after copying them to the server..


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