[Samba] sambaLogonHours and timezones

David Wilson dave at dcdata.co.za
Sat Oct 15 12:16:29 GMT 2005

Hi guys/girls,

How are you keeping ?

A while ago I mentioned a problem that I'm picking up with Samba with 
OpenLDAP and the "logon hours" restrictions which are implemented via the NT 
4.0 User Manager.

Basically my problem was that users were unable to login 2 hours before the 
actual restriction should kick in.
At the time I thought that perhaps the problem was caused by Slackware Linux 
and it's timezone implementation of SAST (GMT+2).
Since then I've experienced the same problem on SLES9 and Suse Linux 9.3.

>From what I can see, the "sambaLogonHours" value is always set with GMT in 
Because in South Africa we are at GMT+2 Samba enforces restrictions 2 hours 
before it should.
For example if users should only denied login access at 16:00, Samba is 
denying them access at 14:00.

I've looked all over and cannot find a solution to the problem other than 
adding two hours to the logon hours restrictions for each user when using 
the NT User Manager tool.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this ? Is there a way to get Samba to 
check the time zone on the server first and make calculations before writing 
values for the "sambaLogonHours" attribute ?

Explanation of feature: http://www.archive-two.com/new-2794385-2895.html

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

David Wilson
CNS, CLS, Linux+
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