[Samba] Re: Dangling MS Access DB Lock Files *.ldb

Stéphane Purnelle stephane.purnelle at tiscali.be
Sat Oct 15 10:47:19 GMT 2005

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Dragan Krnic a écrit :

>>>>> I might have unwittingly made the impression that the
>>>>> problem only came with 3.0.20. The same problem was present
>>>>> in 3.0.14 as well as 3.0.4. It's a very intermittent
>>>>> problem which has been haunting me for months now.
>>>> Then it's not this particular bug.
>>> No, it ain't. There's a dangling *.ldb file there write now.
>>> But now there are 2 PIDs listed as holding the *.MDB file open
>>> with "DENY_DOS" and "RDWR" sharing both with the same timestamp
>>> "Fri Oct 14 19:58:09 2005", whereas formerly it used to be only
>>> one open of *.mdb and one of *.ldb file. The *.ldb file was
>>> opened "RDONLY" about 10 minutes earlier by one of the 2
>>> contestants. Can I do some more forensic on the logs?
>> Ok, if you can reproduce this bug with 3.0.20b then refresh me
>> with the problem and then let's look at it closer.
> Yes. Of course. I've just compiled and installed 3.0.20b and set a
> watchdog to observe it.
> I was thinking of adding a repair action to the watchdog script
> that would identify the smbd PID keeping the *.ldb MS Access DB
> lock file open for so long and kill it, but the command "net rpc
> file" never lists what I can easily see on the status page of SWAT
> if I continuously refresh it until by chance one of the clients
> opens it. The "net rpc file
> only lists "0 \PIPE\samr 0x35 0 dummy user
> all the time. Is there another CLI utility which lists the same
> thing as SWAT does?
> Regards Dragan
> PS.: I've severely edited the verbosity of a samba log for the
> previous incident, so that the MS Access rain-dance can easily be
> followed to the point where the offending client for some reason
> reopens the lock file after once successfully opening it with
> numopen=1, meaning that nobody else claims it until he reopens it,
> when numopen increments to =2 for obvious readons, and then never
> remembers to close it the same number of times. It might be one of
> those MS tricks to scare the users off Samba?
> Would you like to take a look at it, if I send it to you
> off-samba-list?
smbstatus list all connection and open file

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