[Samba] Samba creating multiple isntances of the deamon

Benoit Gauthier gauthier at circum.com
Fri Oct 14 00:36:10 GMT 2005

(2005.10.13, 20:32)

> CLOSE_WAIT means that the process is waiting for a socket to
> shutdown. I think you have a client connecting and disconnecting
> rapidly. Network browsing perhaps?

> What is the client at

That client is a Windows 2000 desktop which is 99% reserved for backup
purposes. It connects to a local Linux computer ( via
Samba (using a mapped drive, of course) and then addresses four NFS
mounts to get new and updated files off four distant servers.

When Samba goes real crazy with process creations, there is one
created every minute during a backup sequence which lasts about 30
minutes. This happens four times a day since the backup software is
set up to do backups every six hours.

Your help is most appreciated.


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