[Samba] "Wbinfo -u" get user account sucessfully but "getent passwd" fails

Steve Zeng steve.zeng at ascalade.com
Thu Oct 13 21:48:44 GMT 2005

Hi everybody,

I got a problem here with my Samba ADS member server. It functions as a
file server and works for a long time. A few weeks ago our Active
Directory domain controller failed due to power outage. We fixed it and
now an employee reports that he could not use the samba file server any
more. I restarted samba service and did the following testing:

1) getent passwd <thisUser>

    It gave me nothing. If I run getent to check other user accounts,
everything is OK. 

2) wbinfo -u | grep <thisUser>
    It shows <thisUser> does exist. 

I could not figure out what the reason is. Can anybody give me some
hint? I appreciate it. 

Steve Zeng

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