[Samba] slow access on maped network drive - strange problem

mag_pi at gmx.net mag_pi at gmx.net
Thu Oct 13 15:52:20 GMT 2005

hello, I've got a very strange problem....

I use samba version 3.0.20pre1-0.1-Suse /SuSE 9.3. I connect the samba
network share with the usual "net use" command. The problem is when I
firstly try to connect to the network drive it takes a long time to make the
connect (about 10 seconds). If I am finally connected it works fine and the
speed is also fine too. I've checked the DNS first and put the Computer
names in etc/hosts on server and client side. But that doesn't work for me.

It looks like that isn't only a problem with samba 3.0.20 on older samba
versions still the same.

Any Ideas?

Thx a LOT!

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