[Samba] warward smbd processes

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Oct 13 13:00:22 GMT 2005

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Nathan Vidican wrote:

| Now, things are running a lot faster, but the problem
| seems to be getting trickier. We're having users
| encounter a similar problem as to before, except now
| the first smbd process belonging to a specific client
| becomes locked without escalating to 100% cpu utilization.
| Essentially I get something similar to this:
|   (wmpoff25 is the machine/client in question in this
|    case, user usually calls to say 'my machine is locked up'):
| wmptwo# /server/bin/samba-3.0.13/bin/net status sessions | grep wmpoff25
| 10135   cboakes       shop          wmpoff25     (
| 10015   cboakes       shop          wmpoff25     (
| A simple 'kill 10015' does nothing, repeat... nothing,
| finally, 'kill -9 10015' , and poof - the end user's system
| comes back to them and all runs well until the next time
| they call us.
| The problem therefore the same as before, and our
| resolution much the same, except that now the process
| does not climb to high cpu utilization.

| We're running FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE/AMD64, with OpenLDAP
| 2.2.26 (no thread support), and samba-3.0.13 (with one
| server running 3.0.7 for print server with no errors
| thus far).

Nathan,  The key is knowing what the smbd process is doing
of where it it sick.  Can you run a truss or strace on the
stuck process?  It's obviously stuck or ni a loop since it is
not shutting down with the -TERM signal.

Or better yet, attach with gdb ?  But you nreally need
a debug version of smbd for that to be helpful.

cheers, jerry
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