[Samba] Re: Samba 3.0.20, Active Directory, Debian: Username ... is invalid on this system

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Thu Oct 13 12:19:22 GMT 2005

Markus Feilner wrote:
> Hello List,
> I have a strange problem:
> I have successfully added my debian system to the local active directory 
> domain. Winbind works and gives me Users, Groups, and relations when I call 
> wbinfo. However, Users cannot connect to a share I prepared.
> It makes no difference if there is no "valid user = " entry, or if I put an 
> correct entry with my test user. 
> All I get in log.winbindd is:
> Username DOMAIN+test is invalid on this system
> (just like there was a "valid user" entry.)
> I have successfully checked the password of this user with wbinfo, user data 
> is handed over correctly, wbinfo -t is successful, domain membership works.
> What is wrong?

You apparently haven't configured nss_winbind.

-- Rex

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