[Samba] mysql backend create user problem

Edy Sulai esulai at bmais.or.id
Thu Oct 13 10:02:29 GMT 2005

Dear All,
wasn't sure my last question got posted, i decided to re-post with more
concise explanation of the problem i'm facing.

I have samba PDC (version 3.0.14a) working fine before with smbpasswd
a few weeks ago, we decide to move to mysql backend since we have email
server with mysql backend as well. I'm trying to use one username and
password for both email and samba services.

so, re-configure samba with pdb mysql.
As of now, samba connects to mysql server (samba log shows no problem
connecting to mysql).

However, when i tried to add user ( via "pdbedit -a <username>"  command
or "smbpasswd -a" command or via SWAT add user interface), the entry in
mysql only shows "NULL" value for all fields, except ACCT_CTRL field
(inserted value of "16").

Samba and MySQL logs shows no error whatsoever.
I believe the problem is with samba, not mysql.

My smb.conf for MySQL backend as follow :
        passdb backend = mysql:bmais
        bmais:mysql database = <database>
        bmais:mysql password = <password>
        bmais:mysql user = root
        bmais:mysql host = db.bmais.or.id
        bmais:table = bmais_or_id
        bmais:domain column = 'bmais.or.id'
        bmais:username column = pw_name:
        bmais:nt username column = pw_name:
        bmais:fullname column = pw_gecos:
        bmais:lanman pass column = pw_passwd:

I assume the fields that are not being specify would follow pdb_mysql
default values, isn't it?

can someone give pointer what's wrong?

pardon my explanation. if anything is unclear, i would be more than happy
to elaborate more.


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