[Samba] samba upgrade 2.2.3 to 3.0.9 - profile not found

christoph empl m_itch_de at yahoo.de
Thu Oct 13 08:36:59 GMT 2005


i'm working on a new maschine with Suse 9.3 and Samba
3.0.9 running. The system on the old Server is Suse
8.2 with Samba 2.2.3. Both sambas are running as PDC
with roaming profiles. Both maschines and domains have
identical sids.
I installed Samba on the new server, configured it,
copied some home directories including the profiles
from the old maschine to the new server and added some
clients to the domain for testing purpose. 
Up to here everything worked well. But when i try to
log in as domainuser, the xp box complains that the
serverside stored profile can't be found and that i'm
logged in with a temporary profile. After some
searching for the error, i found out that the problem
is around the ntuser.dat which can't be loaded from
the new samba. If i remove the old ntuser.dat, the xp
box offers the ntuser.dat from the default user and
everything works ok, but the content of the user's
desktop is lost and i would have to restore the
of over 200 user... this can't be the solution.
I read something about sambas profiles tool which can
change the sids of the ntuser.dat from the old sid to
the new sid. But isn't this sid user/group specific?
How can i find out the old/new sid? If i run '
profiles ntuser.dat -v ' i get an endless list of
entries of sids, and i don't know which one is the one
to change...
Thank you for your help, Mitch


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