[Samba] smbd and winbindd refuse to start, but nmbd runs fine on Redhat 9.0

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 05:46:56 GMT 2005

Hi, I downloaded the binaries for samba yesterday for redhat 9.0, and 
installed them without error.  Managed to get swat up and running and 
configured samba, the same way I configured my other linux (slackware 
10.2) box, and started samba thru swat.  But when the status page 
reloads, it shows smbd and winbindd as not running, although it shows 
nmbd running.  When i check the ps list, it shows 2 smbd processes, 1 
nmbd process, and 0 winbindd procs.  Checking the logs for smbd and 
winbindd reveals the same errors i get in my slackware samba logs, 
except that on the redhat box, it panics and apparently dies.  If the 
logs are needed, I can provide them.

Any help is appreciated, and if this isnt the right list to post to, let 
me know please.  Thanks


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