[Samba] Downgrade from 3 to 2 suggestions

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Wed Oct 12 21:54:22 GMT 2005

Stephen Carville wrote:

>After considerable experimentation I'm forced to accept that Samba 3 has
>problems with the combination of being a domain member, the 2.6 kernel,
>and Dell 2850 hardware.  It works fine on the 2.4 kernels but fails on
>all the 2.6 versions I have avaialble for testing.  I have one machine
>that I really prefer could stay at 2.6 so my last resort there is to try
>a downgrade to samba 2.X
On a previous version of Samba (somewhere in the 2.x series, I think),
we had random crashes until we set "kernel oplocks = no".  If the
problem you're seeing is kernel-specific, you might give that a try.

Josh Kelley

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