[Samba] Mixing share and user?

Bob Cohen bcohen at bpecreative.com
Tue Oct 11 23:40:46 GMT 2005


My goal is to set up the server so that one directory acts like a 
windows share that

(1) does not require any log in information to gain access
(2) Can be viewed from a windows box and selected using map network drive.

At the the same time, I also want to set up private space on the disk 
that does require an authorized user, username and password for access.

My set up (see smb.conf below), as currently written, helps me 
accomplish the second goal.  But not the first.  As I'm looking at this, 
it occurs to me that the problem is that the "open to all" director is 
within the /home directory tree.  Is there a way to make an exception to 
the security = users directive specified in [global]?  Or should I place 
it in another directory altogether.

The "open to all" directory will contain two things: files shared by 
everyone on the network and data for a custom database which is accessed 
by client-type applications distributed across the network.

Thanks in advance for the help!



        workgroup = home_office
        netbios name = DEXTERLAKE
        server string = NBTAFileServer
        security = user
        encrypt passwords = yes
        guest account = public
        username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
        guest ok = yes

        comment = For Lighthouse and general NBTA User data
        guest ok = yes
        force user = public
        path = /home/public/public
        writeable = yes
        browseable = yes

        comment = User Space
        path = /home/%U
        writeable = yes
        browseable = yes

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