[Samba] ADS auth when primary AD server fails

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Tue Oct 11 21:50:39 GMT 2005

On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 09:13:39AM -0500, Brian_Gautreau at Dell.com wrote:
> My apologies for the lack of info.  Thought I had it covered...
> (samba version is native to RHEL4)
> [root at bar ~]# rpm -qa | grep samba
> samba-common-3.0.10-1.4E
> samba-3.0.10-1.4E
> system-config-samba-1.2.21-1
> samba-client-3.0.10-1.4E
> [root at bar ~]#  
> [root at bar ~]# uname -a
> Linux bar 2.6.9-5.EL #1 Wed Jan 5 19:22:18 EST 2005 i686 i686 i386
> GNU/Linux
> [root at bar ~]# 
> [root at bar ~]# smbd -V
> Version 3.0.10-1.4E
> [root at bar ~]# 
> Windows:
> Win2k3 no service pack
> I will attach the tcpdump output.  Im not sure if it is appropriate to
> attach it to send to the list.  Please don't flame me, to bad, if it is
> the wrong thing to do.  I don't know where I will provide it otherwise.
> It was run as `tcpdump -i eth0 -w /tmp/tcpdump.out host or
> host` while trying to login with the primary AD server
> down.
> I also have a snip from /var/log/messages when this took place but I
> think it mostly just says winbindd can't talk to the domain....

Is it possible for you to try 3.0.20a or (later this week) 3.0.20b ?
There are improvements in winbindd fallback code in those releases.
At least then we know we're working with the latest code base (winbindd
has had major changes on it between 3.0.10 and 3.0.20).


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