[Samba] Dangling MS Access DB Lock Files *.ldb

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Oct 11 19:03:10 GMT 2005

>> I have an intermittent problem with dangling MS Access DB lock files.
>> In a productive environment with N batch queus (each on a separate
>> Windows XP Professional) a scheduler PC dispatches the work load to
>> a free queue by means of modifying a simple MS Access DB file called 
>> "PRIM.mdb", which resides on a Samba 3.0.20 share. Each free
>> queue PC polls the same MS Access DB file every 60 seconds to see
>> if there is a work packet to be executed by it. If there is a work
>> package for it it modifies a state value of the respective work packet 
>> in this DB when it starts executing it as well as after the job has 
>> been done so that the scheduler knows what's going on.
> There's a bug in 3.0.20 that might affect this (btw it's also in
> 3.0.20a). I know about it because it's my fault :-(.
> Here's the patch for 3.0.20, and 3.0.20a.
> Jeremy.

Thank you, Jeremy.

I might have unwittingly made the impression that the problem only came 
with 3.0.20. The same problem was present in 3.0.14 as well as 3.0.4. 
It's a very intermittent problem which has been haunting me for months now.

I have compiled your patches and installed it on the affected samba server 
and the first obvious difference is that when either the *.mdb or *.ldb 
file is opened then the "Sharing" attribute in the "Open Files" section of 
the status page is now "DENY_DOS" instead of "DENY_NONE". (I can catch the
moment when they're opend if I keep refreshing the status often enough.)

I hope that no lock file will dangle any more. I'll keep you posted.

Best regards

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